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Brigitte Bardot ( born 28 September 1934)
Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot, a name that almost immediately pops into one’s mind when the term “1960’s fashion icon” is mentioned. Brigitte Bardot defined the fashion of that era with her trademark smoky eyes paired with tousled blond hair and her killer curves that exuded an ultra-feminine sexuality, hence leading to her being labelled as the “ultimate sex-kitten”. In fact, her roughed-up, bed-head look is still an inspiration to the new generation with celebrities like Kate Moss and Blake Lively emulating her sexy attitude and iconic beauty.
Bardot with her trademark tousled
blond mane and smoky eyes.
Bardot was born in France on 28 September 1934 and through her childhood, she aspired to make ballet dancing as her career. However, this aspiration never came to fruition when at the age of 15, she was asked to pose for the cover of French fashion magazine Jardin des Modes which led her to be discovered by French actor, writer and director Roger Vladim, who directed her in her claim-to-fame movie And God Created Woman (video clip attached in the above post) The film portrayed Bardot playing an 18-year-old orphan, brimming with sexual exuberance and emanating a provocative yet sensuous screen presence, and for the next two decades she was renowned for playing similar sensual roles.
Bardot’s film and fashion career can be hailed responsible for launching many a trend. She has a neckline named after her, the Bardot neckline, a wide neck that exposes both of a woman’s shoulders and her collarbone.
Bardot loved showing off her shoulders
with tops that had collars falling off her shoulders.
She was solely responsible for popularising the iconic seaside fashion style, most importantly, the now ubiquitous beachwear, the two-piece bikini. Through her film The Girl In The Bikini and frequent public appearances in Cannes and St Tropez, she romanticised holiday travels to the French Riviera, a trendy and fashionable holiday destination even today.
Bilderesultat for brigitte bardot bikini
The Girl in the Bikini, the movie starring Bardot
and catapulted the bikini’s popularity.
Her feminine curves, easy hair and make-up and the way she dressed her body, staying true to her womanly form, with cinched-in waist and full-skirted dresses, is in a way, female empowerment. A woman who is not afraid of being a woman, a woman who is not afraid of using her sensuality and yet is able to get ahead in life.
Bardot holidaying in St Tropez with her boyfriend,
dressed in her signature cinched waist dress and flats.
A look that wold not look out of place today.
A woman who put forth this many trends
in the fashion world is a true fashion icon and beauty.
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